Size and dimenzions of products are subject to availability and minimum quantities

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Made of special and/or microwave corrugated paper, they are non-deformable and heat-resistant up to 200° C. They do not need to be removed. They are printed with treated food grade inks in order to withstand heat and alcohol. The bases are lanced to eliminate excess humidity.


A selection of six different items based on board coated in polypropalyne film.


EASY BAKE: Made from Triplex material which is 3 layers of 60 gsm paper and resistant to fats and kit tests in excess of 8. It can also be printed in high definition flexo to a maximum of two colours in either registered or random print. It is recyclable, self supporting and available in any shape or size subject to minimum quantities of 50000 pieces per size. This product is resistant to temperatures from 20° to 220°.
OPTIMA: This material is made of pure cellulose laminated with a non-stick coating of between 150gms to 350gms depending on the specific requirements and size of the case.
This combination of materials is not only innovative but also ECOLOGICAL and offers a traditional presentation of the product when baked. This material can be used in traditional ovens, air assisted ovens and microwave ovens up to a maximum temperature of 230° C and freezable to -40° C .
The interior does not have to be fat or silicone coated to aid release. Consequently the product can be used not only to bake in but also to present from the oven to the table. We are also able to print on this material up to a maximum of two oclours subject to minimum quantities. ECOS RANGE: This range of cases are manufactured using twin paper in either all white, all brown, mixed white and brown. All of the above can be laminated internally with film. Both sheets are 75gsm and often feature different characteristics i.e. one resistant to water, the other fats. These products can also be produced in a 225gsm brown cardboard which can be laminated if required.
This innovation allows Ecos to be used for products with a high percentage of humidity and fats without causing problems in baking or presentation.


Made of a special paper resistant to fats and heat and particularly suitable for the baking of single small sizes. They can be used alone or put into metal pans. Their introduction in pans ca be automated and synchronised with the oven lines.


This is a Novacart international patent for baking muffins and is an alternative to metal moulds that need to be greased and washed. It is a multiple baking cup pan system which requires a lower temperature in the oven and a shorted baking and cooling time. It is totally automated from filling to packaging cycle.


Assorted materials are used for a multitude of uses and include:
- 39 gsm light grease proof paper, the principle paper used in the UK craft baking industry.
- 57 gsm heavy grease proof paper, suitable for special applications.
- 41 gsm siliconised grease proof paper, which gives excellent release properties and ideal for cakes with a high fruit and sugar content.
- 42gsm ehite traditional paper, ideal for baking and ease of separation. Available in white or printed with a random fresh cream logo.
-Candor - a high quality clip easy paper available in 39, 45, 50, 65 and 90gsm. A specialist paper designed for automatic machines with excellent strength and release qualities.
- Pergapak - similar to Candor but available in 50 gsm in a white finish.
- Glassine - used mainly for chocolate and confectionery cups and available in dark brown or red.
- Foil laminated 40gsm- available in silver or gold.